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  • C9VoIP is a next generation phone service provider for Residential and Business users. C9VoIP has specific package plans built to suit residential, mobile, small and medium sized businesses. C9VoIP offers tremendous cost savings over traditional phone service. C9VoIP is committed to delivering an outstanding quality service with incredible value to home and business users.
  • C9VoIP Residential is a complete phone service especially designed for non-business users. Whether at home or on the go C9VoIP Residential service provides quality phone calls to your PC, mobile phone, or traditional phone phone. Equipped with key features like sending and receiving SMS messages and enhanced 911 for your security C9VoIP Residential does not require any new hardware to purchase. There are no contract requirements for using C9VoIP services. C9VoIP is easy to set up and instantly activated. C9VoIP makes your communications easy, accessible and reliable.
  • C9VoIP SOHO is a complete virtual PBX service specifically designed for small businesses. Equipped with advanced phone and fax features, it is able to provide a powerful phone and fax solution to every subscriber. It hosts and manages all the communications of its users and connects individuals and even remote offices including mobile professionals. C9VoIP SOHO gives businesses an easy and highly manageable phone and fax service that is on a par with those used by large corporations. Users are given their own local and/or toll free number equipped with features such as multiple extensions, advanced call forwarding, voicemail and online fax. All of these are easily manageable through a single control center that can be accessed online. Also, unlike traditional PBX systems, C9VoIP SOHO is easy to set up and instantly activated as it does not require a PBX hardware installation. C9VoIP SOHO makes your business communications easy, accessible and affordable.
  • C9VoIP VirtualOffice is a business class phone service which allows call management to be done through the Internet. By combining telecommunications with the power and functionality of the Internet, C9VoIP VirtualOffice provides a more organized and accessible communications system for small businesses to medium sized enterprises. Equipped with advanced call and fax features, C9VoIP VirtualOffice allows users to have their own toll-free number, Internet fax system, advanced call forwarding and other virtual phone functions. It works with a business’s existing phone units and Internet connection so there is no need to buy new PBX equipment. It also does not require the installation of any PBX hardware, making it very easy to use and maintain. Furthermore, C9VoIP VirtualOffice offers very affordable and scalable pricing plans, so it grows and adjusts to meet your growing needs as a business. With advanced features and flexible pricing plans, it is the ideal business phone solution for every business and office.
  • C9VoIP offers SMS service with your phone numbers. Keep in constant touch with your friends and family on your PC or Smartphone using our free chat client for computers and mobile phones. C9VoIP SMS features: Text-to-C9VoIP; C9VoIP-to-Text, Free chat client with smartphone/tablet apps available, and ability to chat from your PC or Mac with any SMS-enabled mobile phone. Low per-text pricing is available or choose an unlimited plan with C9VoIP SMS service. Leverage the power of new SMS technology as a business to stay ahead of the competition and in better contact with your employees and clients.
  • Help your thriving business become more productive, professional and profitable with toll-free 800 numbers from C9VoIP. A toll-free number enables your callers to contact you without charge, thus increasing your chances of being reached by potential customers regardless of their location. A C9VoIP toll-free 800 number is packed with advanced call features that give you the professional image of very expensive systems at a fraction of the price. Activated upon signup, toll-free 800 numbers serve as your business front door and can be used for both voice calls and faxes. Even if you are a company of just one person, a toll-free 800 phone number can do wonders for your business’ professional appearance. It’s a great way to enhance your business communications, increase sales and keep in step with your largest competitors.
  • C9VoIP Fax is a service designed to help small businesses and offices to manage their fax communications better. Equipped with advanced features and powerful online fax capabilities, it is the ideal communication solution for professionals and businesses. Users are given their own local or toll free numbers dedicated to faxing. This number is packed with all the features that enable them to fax online, from a PC desktop, as well as transmit fax documents to and from traditional fax machines. Other features include the ability to send and receive faxes in different ways, faxing directly from any Microsoft application, editing faxes, detailed fax logs, and immdediately receive incoming faxes right in your email box. In addition to the C9VoIP service costs vs. traditional fax services, users can count on C9VoIP Fax to give savings on their fax communications such as expenses on paper and other costs related to using a traditional fax machine.