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What is C9?

C9 stands for Cloud 9 (nine). Our goal is total peace of mind and pure satisfaction for all clients. It's a bit of cloud zen, that is C9.

What is Voice over IP (VoIP)?

It is essentially Voice or phone service sent over the internet.

How does it work?

See this page we made to explain how it works.

Will VoIP save me money? Most likely yes.

Compared to traditional service you can save up to 67% percent or more per year for home service.

Will I lose sound quality when I switch to C9?

Absolutely not. We use high quality audio connections and pride ourselves on setting a high standard with your voice quality.  If you experience trouble submit a service issue to have our staff confirm your connection can sustain high quality voice.  In some cases using a non-default codec can help you be sure to achieve the high quality voice connections.  Our support staff will help you identify if you need anything non-default.

Why is better than other VoIP companies?

We provide high quality service with high quality support. Our knowledgeable staff has been working with VoIP for 10+ years and we have a roadmap set for complete customer satisfaction with value adds and new features set to roll out.  Check out this page we made to explain more reasons why you should choose C9VoIP.

How can I use SMS with my number?

You can log in to the web panel with your number and password.  From there you can send and receive messages.  You can use also use your Android phone, iPad or iPhone.  Check here for the guides to setting up the app and getting going.

How do I setup my smartphone or PC to use C9VoIP?

Checkout these setup guides that we made for Android phones, iPads/iPhones, PC's, and Mac.

How do I setup my home phone to work with C9VoIP?

Checkout this setup guide for using either a digital IP phone or connecting your traditional analog phone with an adapter.

How do I setup my digital IP phones to work with  my business C9VoIP service?

Your best bet is to speak with one of our sales-engineers to give you an answer about your individual situation.  Or, checkout this guide we made for setting up a digital IP phone.

Can I have local numbers in foreign countries?

Yes, absolutely. We can get you numbers in almost any country in world.  Check out our list of international destinations here that we can secure local numbers for.

Can I keep my number?

Yes.  We will port it over to C9VoIP for you.  Just make note of that on your signup form or login to the customer panel to start the process there.  Also, give a look over our porting policy here to see all the official details of the porting process.

What is FollowMe?

FollowMe is advanced call forwarding where we ring all the numbers you specify, either sequentially or all at once.  Try it out by logging in to the customer panel and selecting your forwarding destinations.

How do I check my voicemail?  Login to your customer support panel and click voicemail.  You will be shown the number to dial and instructions for other voicemail settings.

How do I setup call forwarding?

Login to your customer panel and select call forwarding to setup the forwarding destination of your choice.

What is VirtualOffice SMB?

VirtualOffice SMB is the name we selected for our plans for higher end small businesses and medium size enterprises.

What is C9 SOHO?

C9 SOHO is a name we selected for our small business plans.  SOHO stands for Small Office Home Office

How does the signup process work?
  • Choose the plan you want by clicking here to order now.
  • You will be prompted to input the plan of your choice.  
  • Our systems will receive your order and send you a credit card payment request to get your account started.
  • Once your payment is received your account will be created automatically for the plan you selected. We will send your account information, configuration information, support details and billing information to the email address you supply.  
  • With your account access information you will login to and configure your account.  There you will be able to select DID numbers, setup call forwarding features, and any other option provided with your selected plan.
  • When you receive your notification, your service is live and ready to use!  We will bill your account according to the terms of the plan and when you make your calls.
  • Just continue to fund your account by logging on to and submitting a payment to your account when your balance starts to get low.  If your account gets below a specified amount we will send you an email alert to submit a payment to prevent service suspension and disconnection.  If your account balance reaches zero your services will be suspended.

What if I have an advanced configuration with another router?

You can either connect your ATA to an additional LAN port on your Modem/Router from the service provider.  Or, you can forward the necessary ports to your ATA VoIP phone adapter by configuring your own router.  Find the IP address of the ATA VoIP phone adapter and enter it in your router port forwarding section.  Forward port 5060 and ports 10000-20000 to your ATA IP address.  That’s it!  Still have trouble?  Our engineers can provide hourly support to work with your 3rd party hardware and configure it for you.

What is a codec?

In terms of VoIP a codec is a choice of how your call is compressed into digital form and decompressed back into audio.  All VoIP calls use some codec or another.  The reason there are many is because VoIP can be used in many ways.  For instance if you are in another country using a very low bandwidth connection, you can choose to use a codec with lower quality audio to make your calls while using a poor connection.  When you have a strong connection you may choose to use a high quality audio codec for more call clarity.  Experiment and choose the codecs that work best for you and your calling environments.

I’m using my smartphone but have call trouble.  One person can’t hear.. what is wrong?

Most of the time this trouble is caused from the app. or the phone itself.  It could also be a headphones or headset connection.  It is best to check these things first.  Make sure any headset is connected properly.  Restart the app. you are using to call with.  And, finally if the trouble is still there try restarting your phone.

My smartphone keeps losing or resetting registration.  What is happening?

You may be moving outside of your wifi network coverage.  When this happens your phone will not be able to connect through wifi and will try to connect by your mobile data 3g/4g connection.  There is no need to be concerned, just be aware that your phone will behave this way when entering and exiting wifi network areas.  Otherwise, you may want to reset the application or phone device if behavior continues oddly or submit a trouble ticket if this happens on multiple devices and you feel it is a service issue.

How do I find my WAN IP address?

You can go to and your address will be displayed at the top when the page loads.

If you have trouble with instructions found on our guides, please enter a trouble ticket here describing your issue.  We will do our best to update any errors immediately to provide solid, easy-to-follow documentation to get your C9VoIP service up and working.

About C9VoIP
SMS Service
800 Numbers
Internet Fax
  • C9VoIP is a next generation phone service provider for Residential and Business users. C9VoIP has specific package plans built to suit residential, mobile, small and medium sized businesses. C9VoIP offers tremendous cost savings over traditional phone service. C9VoIP is committed to delivering an outstanding quality service with incredible value to home and business users.
  • C9VoIP Residential is a complete phone service especially designed for non-business users. Whether at home or on the go C9VoIP Residential service provides quality phone calls to your PC, mobile phone, or traditional phone phone. Equipped with key features like sending and receiving SMS messages and enhanced 911 for your security C9VoIP Residential does not require any new hardware to purchase. There are no contract requirements for using C9VoIP services. C9VoIP is easy to set up and instantly activated. C9VoIP makes your communications easy, accessible and reliable.
  • C9VoIP SOHO is a complete virtual PBX service specifically designed for small businesses. Equipped with advanced phone and fax features, it is able to provide a powerful phone and fax solution to every subscriber. It hosts and manages all the communications of its users and connects individuals and even remote offices including mobile professionals. C9VoIP SOHO gives businesses an easy and highly manageable phone and fax service that is on a par with those used by large corporations. Users are given their own local and/or toll free number equipped with features such as multiple extensions, advanced call forwarding, voicemail and online fax. All of these are easily manageable through a single control center that can be accessed online. Also, unlike traditional PBX systems, C9VoIP SOHO is easy to set up and instantly activated as it does not require a PBX hardware installation. C9VoIP SOHO makes your business communications easy, accessible and affordable.
  • C9VoIP VirtualOffice is a business class phone service which allows call management to be done through the Internet. By combining telecommunications with the power and functionality of the Internet, C9VoIP VirtualOffice provides a more organized and accessible communications system for small businesses to medium sized enterprises. Equipped with advanced call and fax features, C9VoIP VirtualOffice allows users to have their own toll-free number, Internet fax system, advanced call forwarding and other virtual phone functions. It works with a business’s existing phone units and Internet connection so there is no need to buy new PBX equipment. It also does not require the installation of any PBX hardware, making it very easy to use and maintain. Furthermore, C9VoIP VirtualOffice offers very affordable and scalable pricing plans, so it grows and adjusts to meet your growing needs as a business. With advanced features and flexible pricing plans, it is the ideal business phone solution for every business and office.
  • C9VoIP offers SMS service with your phone numbers. Keep in constant touch with your friends and family on your PC or Smartphone using our free chat client for computers and mobile phones. C9VoIP SMS features: Text-to-C9VoIP; C9VoIP-to-Text, Free chat client with smartphone/tablet apps available, and ability to chat from your PC or Mac with any SMS-enabled mobile phone. Low per-text pricing is available or choose an unlimited plan with C9VoIP SMS service. Leverage the power of new SMS technology as a business to stay ahead of the competition and in better contact with your employees and clients.
  • Help your thriving business become more productive, professional and profitable with toll-free 800 numbers from C9VoIP. A toll-free number enables your callers to contact you without charge, thus increasing your chances of being reached by potential customers regardless of their location. A C9VoIP toll-free 800 number is packed with advanced call features that give you the professional image of very expensive systems at a fraction of the price. Activated upon signup, toll-free 800 numbers serve as your business front door and can be used for both voice calls and faxes. Even if you are a company of just one person, a toll-free 800 phone number can do wonders for your business’ professional appearance. It’s a great way to enhance your business communications, increase sales and keep in step with your largest competitors.
  • C9VoIP Fax is a service designed to help small businesses and offices to manage their fax communications better. Equipped with advanced features and powerful online fax capabilities, it is the ideal communication solution for professionals and businesses. Users are given their own local or toll free numbers dedicated to faxing. This number is packed with all the features that enable them to fax online, from a PC desktop, as well as transmit fax documents to and from traditional fax machines. Other features include the ability to send and receive faxes in different ways, faxing directly from any Microsoft application, editing faxes, detailed fax logs, and immdediately receive incoming faxes right in your email box. In addition to the C9VoIP service costs vs. traditional fax services, users can count on C9VoIP Fax to give savings on their fax communications such as expenses on paper and other costs related to using a traditional fax machine.

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